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This distance sales Contract ("contract"); address 6. mentioned in the article ("BUYER”), with address 5. Mentioned in the article (“SELLER”) was established within the framework of the following terms and conditions between the electronic environment.



Implementation and interpretation of this agreement, the following terms will be free to express in written comments.

SELLER: Goods or services for commercial or professional purposes, obtain, use or benefit from other real or legal persons,

Minister: The Secretary Of Commerce,

Ministry: Ministry Of Commerce,

Service: For a fee or interest which was promised to be done in the supply of goods, the exchange except the subject of all consumer transactions,

Law: The Law On Consumer Protection,

Platform: materials measurement control machine industry and trade limited company is owned by the internet site

VENDOR: including public entities, commercial or for professional purposes providing goods or services to consumers provide the name of or acting for the account, and 6 of the convention. the information contained in the article is true and/or legal persons,

Order: the goods or services is owned by the measurement of materials control machine industry and trade limited company real or legal persons who demand through the internet site,

Contract: the agreement concluded between the seller and the buyer,

Parties: seller and buyer,

Product or Products: movable goods which is the subject of shopping, housing and immovable property or vacation purposes, and prepared to be used in electronic media, software, audio, video and similar products, all kinds of references

Regulation: Regulations On Distance Selling,


3. SCOPE and subject matter of the contract

This Contract Law No. 6502 on the protection of consumers in accordance with the regulations on distance contracts and organized. The protection of consumers No. 6502 on the throne of the parties to this Agreement and the obligations and responsibilities arising from the law on the regulation on distance contracts and acknowledge that they understand what they know. A real person on the platform of the receiver, the subject of this agreement, the goods/services to offer for sale by the seller of goods/services electronically towards the purchase order, the qualities specified in the contract with the goods/services in relation to the sale and delivery of distance contracts No. 6502 consumer protection laws and regulations in accordance with the provisions of the parties ' determination of rights and obligations it creates.



4.1. The recipient of the following provisions of this Agreement and order the establishment of the adoption of the platform by the purchaser of the obligation to pay under the relevant pages of the platform before it enters the need for all parts of the public-private studying the descriptions, has read, understands it, and agrees to inform himself that was required.


a) The dealer's name and contact information current with the information


b) For the products from the platform during the removal of the stages of the sales process relating to the information that was entered wrong with suitable tools for the purpose of the correction methods


c) The seller of the members of the professional chamber of Commerce (ICC-Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) and ITO's required by the rules of conduct that can acquire knowledge of the profession related to electronic contact information (Phone: 444 0 486,


d) Recipient information materials for the measurement implemented by control machine industry and trade limited company's privacy, data use and processing of buyers with the rules on these matters to the recipient of the communication electronic control machine industry and trade limited company that gave the permissions measure materials, the statutory rights of the buyer, the seller and the rights of the rights of the parties for the use of methods,


e) Shipping restrictions stipulated by the seller for the products


f) Payment methods accepted by seller for the products the subject of the contract-tools of the products with the basic feature-qualities, including taxes total price (including related expenses, the buyer's total amount to be paid to the seller),


g) The procedures for delivery of the products to the buyer with shipping-delivery-information about shipping costs


h) Other products that are related to the collection/payment and delivery information with information that is related to the performance of the contract, the parties in this regard and responsibilities


i) Withdrawal of the receiver does not have the right products and other goods and services,


j) The purchaser's right of withdrawal in cases where those rights have terms of use, duration, and right in time with the style used in case it is not, he would lose his right of withdrawal by the purchaser,


k) The right of withdrawal, the products, product withdrawal within the period of the instructions for use, due to the lack of the usual functioning or used in accordance with the technical specifications, if disrupted or changed, thus initiating the recipient's acceptance of a request for withdrawal and the seller will be responsible in each case, in the event that the change in question and the seller accepts it, or they deem appropriate according to the change will make the reimbursement to the buyer an amount can be deducted from


l) In cases where it is located on the right of withdrawal, the products and return it in the condition the seller's all relevant financial considerations (return paths during the return and refund of the product price and cost, acquired by the receiver used/reward points that can be made for including reductions and offsetting),


m) That can be applied from period to period the receiver on the platform of the various opportunities for the enjoyment regarding conditions (special conditions) details


n), According to nature, with all other terms of this agreement by the purchaser in this agreement is established on the platform, and once approved, sent by electronic mail to the recipient for a period requested by the receiver can be accessed from here and hide, the measurement control machine industry and trade limited company in the eyes of the materials she could hide for a period of three years.


o) In case of a dispute where the seller can submit complaints to the purchaser's legal references with contact information, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law 6502 district/provincial consumer arbitration committees and the courts can do.



Title: Control Measurement Materials In The Machine Industry And Trade Limited Company

Address: auto industry sites BARBAROS CAD.NO.48 BEŞIKTAŞ/ISTANBUL

Mersis: 0654039632100010

Phone: +90 212 265 45 15





The Person To Be Delivered:

Delivery Address:






Invoice Delivery: Order invoice during delivery, the order will be delivered with the delivery address.




8.1. Goods/Products/services/ products that the basic properties (type, quantity, brand/model, color, quantity) is situated on the platform of the vendor. You can examine the basic properties of the product for the duration of the campaign.


8.2. Selling prices listed and announced in the website price. What was done to update and changed until it is announced prices and promises are valid. If the specified period is available until the end of that term has been declared as valid.


8.3. The contract is the selling price for goods or services including all taxes are shown in the following table.


Product description Pieces in advance Dec Total Price (including VAT)

Delivery Address:

The Person To Be Delivered:

Billing Address:

Order Date:

Delivery Form:



9.1. The basic qualities of the product subject to the contract on the platform receiver, read the background information on price and delivery with the payment, that is the owner of the information, gave the confirmation in the electronic environment declares that it is needed. The buyer in his capacity as a consumer located above their demands and complaints, vendor contact information and/or through the channels provided by the platform can deliver. Recipients; the distance from the sales to confirm the preliminary information form electronically before the establishment of the convention, which must be given by the seller to the buyer, the address Order of the products on the basic features of the product price including taxes, payment and delivery information that is acquired is accepted as correct and complete.


9.2. Each product that is the subject of the contract, the 30-day statutory time not exceeding the amount of the settlement to recipients depending on the distance, on the internet site within the period specified in the preliminary information section of the recipient (s) at the address is pointing to the person and/or entity, will be delivered through a courier company that is in the integration of the seller. In the event that the seller fails to comply with the act within this period, the buyer may terminate the contract. On the internet site “estimated delivery date” specified in the form of the estimated delivery date and does not make any commitment to this statement, as was highlighted. These products will be delivered to the recipient within 30 days as stated in the legislation. At the time of delivery at the address of the person to be delivered to the purchaser or, in the absence of receipt of such late delivery of the product to buyer and/or not delivered at all and expenses are not responsible for any damages arising from the seller.


9.3. The seller must complete the product subject to the contract, the appropriate qualifications in order, and, if available, warranty documents, user manuals to work with information and documents that are needed to deliver in accordance with the requirements call any shame legislative solid, within the principles of honesty and accuracy in compliance with the standards to perform the upgrade during the execution of the works and keeping the quality of service necessary to show care and attention, to act with prudence and foresight is accepted.


9.4. The term of the contractual obligation of the seller to inform the buyer receiving the approval expires by and clearly can supply a different product with equal quality and price.


9.5. The buyer would confirm the delivery of the product subject to the contract for this agreement electronically, and the cost of the product subject to the contract for any reason of non-payment and/or bank, financial institution records in case of cancellation, the seller undertakes to deliver the product subject to contract to accept that the obligation will end. If for any reason the bank and/or the code sent by the financial institution to fail, but the bank and/or financial institution for payment to the vendor by the buyer, any liability of the seller declares that were free of it.


9.6. The buyer of the contract the subject of the product recipient (s) at the address is pointing to the person and/or entity after the delivery of the buyer's credit card as a result of use of the product by unauthorized persons subject of the contract are unfair about the cost of your bank or financial institution if it is paid to the seller by the buyer for the product subject of the contract within 3 days the shipping costs belong to the buyer declares that he will return it to the seller in a way that it is.


9.7. Purchaser of goods/services will be examined before taking delivery; loser, broken, packing torn, etc. damaged and defective goods/services will not take delivery from the courier company. Received goods/services and will be assumed to have intact and undamaged. After delivery of goods/services are carefully preserved the debt borne by the buyer. If that makes use of the right of withdrawal for goods/services should not be used. The invoice must be returned.


9.8. The costs of delivery of the goods are borne by the buyer unless there is a provision to the contrary. Vendor, platform, if the delivery fee shall be borne by itself declares that the delivery costs shall be borne by the seller. Delivery of the goods the seller if the stock is available, and after the realization of the payment, is done in the time promised.


9.9. In cases of goods or services, the fulfillment of the act of imkansizlastig order, the seller this situation from the date of knowledge 3 (three) days in writing to the purchaser within the register or receiver reports with data and, if applicable, within fifteen days from the date of notification of payment received, including delivery costs are required to return it. The situation of the goods is not in stock, goods imkansizlasmas of the fulfillment of the act is not considered. Payments with credit card, the buyer's credit card the amount to be refunded by the seller to the buyer's account by the Bank of the process to be reflected in average for 2 (two) 3 (three) weeks, you might find this amount in the bank after the return of the recipients since the reflection is completely related to the accounts bank to process the transaction, the buyer undertakes to accept that you can't hold the seller responsible for possible delays.


9.10. That was used during your order with credit card holder, the buyer is not the same person, or before the submission of the product to buyer, the order in relation to the credit card that was used for vulnerability detection in the case of the seller, the credit card holder's identity and contact information of the credit card used in the order that was on the previous month's statement from the bank or card holder may request the recipient to submit the article that own a credit card. Subject to the buyer's request the information/documents, the time it takes, whether it be frozen in order to provide the aforementioned claims of 24 (twenty four) hours are not met, the seller has the right to cancel the order.


9.11. In the case of sending the goods are not ordered, any rights against the purchaser may not be invoked. In this case, to remain silent or the buyer's acceptance of the goods to be used for the establishment of the convention shall be construed as a declaration.


9.12. You can order from the platform announced around the time of the receiver of the quantity of product that a restriction can be imposed. From the platform over a period specified in the announcement of the receiver if you order a product, orders may be cancelled and the buyer will be refunded the price of the product within the statutory period. BUYER here by order and the acceptance of its terms is created, the last pieces of the limit order, the seller undertakes to accept that everyone has the right to cancel the order.




10.1. The number of installments installment campaigns by organizing your bank of your choice to apply on the quantity, such as displacement installment of services can be offered. Your bank is at the discretion of such campaigns on our pages and within the knowledge of seller, if you are given information about the promotion. Closing your credit card account by dividing the total by the number of installments from the date of the order, your credit card will be charged by your bank summary. Bank each month installment amount by considering the differences may evenly distribute the remainder. Detailed plan for the creation of your payment is the responsibility of your bank.



11.1. Under the Act No. 6698 on personal data protection which can be defined as personal data of the recipient's first name, last name, email address, ID number, demographic data, financial data, etc. information;


* To buy product and services in order to provide products and services to develop the solution of systemic problems, perform operations, payment, -if prior approval is given, then - orders, products, services and marketing activities to be used for membership management and maintenance and updating of information to the recipient, the distance sales contract between buyer and seller with contracts and other established for the purpose of performance and 3. technical, logistical, and other similar functions to be provided by the vendor mentioned above for the measurement data control machine industry and trade limited company materials, Measurement control machine materials industry and Trade Company Limited, its subsidiaries and third parties and/or organizations indefinitely by/term can be saved, written/magnetic archives can be kept in can be used, can be updated and can be shared, can be transferred, and can be processed with the image of the poet.


11.2. In accordance with the regulations applicable to recipients of all kinds of products and services for publicity, advertising, communication, promotion, sales and marketing for the purposes of credit card and membership information, process control measurement materials for applications in machine industry and trade limited company by SMS/text message, instant notification, automatic search, computer, phone, email/mail, fax, and other electronic communication tools can be made with commercial electronic communications, the buyer adopted sending commercial electronic messages.


11.3. Platform measures necessary for the security of information and transactions entered into by the receiver, the measurement on the side of the machine control system industry and trade limited company materials in its infrastructure, information, and according to the nature of the process to the extent of today's technical possibilities have been taken. However, the information in question is entered from the devices that belong to the recipient, for the protection and inaccessibility by persons unrelated by the receiver, viruses and other malicious applications including those that are related to, has to bear the responsibility of taking necessary precautions.


11.4. RECEIVER, machine control measurement materials industry and trade limited company from reaching the communication channel specified use of data-processing and/or communications (always) may be stopped for that request. Purchaser of the clear statement in this regard in accordance with the personal data processes and/or within the maximum period is stopped on the side of legal communications; it also wills, legal storage requirements and/or possible data recording information is deleted from the system except the ones identity or anonymized so that is not certain. If the buyer of your personal data the processing-related operations transferred persons, missing or incorrect information to be corrected and the corrected informing relevant third parties of the data, the deletion or destruction, by using the analysis of automated systems, against him, the result of the appeal, in the case of incurring losses due to unlawful processing of the data issues such as the elimination Measure materials control machine industry and trade limited company, we can always apply and can get information. By examining the references in question within the statutory period stipulated in the legislation in time for the return to the buyer will be made.


11.5. All information and content of the platform with them Editing, revision and partially/fully use; Measure materials control machine industry and trade limited company according to the agreement of all those who belong to other third parties except for intellectual-property rights property rights and materials belongs to measure control machine industry and trade limited company.


11.6. The platform can be reached from other sites that own privacy-security policy and terms of Use apply materials conflicts with the negative consequences that may occur to measure control machine industry and trade limited company. is not responsible.



12.1. Without assuming any liability and without giving any reason or criminal legal BUYER purchased goods/services from the date of delivery of 15 (fifteen) days by using his right of withdrawal you can return.


12.2. The statement of the right of withdrawal specified communication channels on the platform and in relation to a contract notifications will be shown. The communication channels of the notification of withdrawal is to be made as the link can be accessed.


12.3. The right of withdrawal to the seller within the period for the use of the provisions of the legislation on the platform and the option to use the right of withdrawal has to be notified in accordance.


12.4. Use the right of withdrawal:


a) the buyer exercises his right of withdrawal from ten (10) days of the goods to the vendor sends it back to the contracted shipping company.


b) the right of withdrawal, the goods to be returned under box, package, along with standard accessories as a gift if you have other products, if you have the goods must be returned in a complete and undamaged.


12.5. The buyer the goods within the cancellation period, operation, technical specifications and in accordance with the operating instructions which, if used, is not responsible for the changes that occurred and disturbances.


12.6. Use the right of withdrawal after 14 (fourteen) days of the goods to the buyer will be refunded in the manner pays. Goods being returned to the vendor, while the original invoice is presented to the recipient during the delivery of the goods which must be returned by the buyer.


12.7. We will refund to the buyer the seller of the goods by the carrier contracted as specified in the preliminary information form sent to the seller belong to the seller unless the return shipping cost. The seller at the buyer's location for a refund to the buyer any shipping company contracted with the carrier in the absence of the branch will be able to send, in this case, the shipping cost by the seller. The receiver of the goods as specified in the preliminary information form that will return the seller sends the return shipping costs if shipping outside of the carrier contracted with a firm may suffer damages and the seller is not responsible for the process of shipping the goods.


12.8. The receiver in the order which is subject to his right of withdrawal of the product or the use cases for various reasons or the inability to supply with the decisions of the arbitral tribunal in the cases that are decided to refund the payment to the recipient, Shopping, installment and credit card is made on the credit card return policy is stated below:


With a couple of installments the buyer has received the product, if the buyer is the payment to the bank in installments. Product price from the seller to the bank after paying all at the same time, the bank will mail the refund to the purchaser's credit card from the tally of expenditure in the case of the parties involved in the matter the amount of the refund requested to be the victim in the situation again as installment hamil-party accounts by bank transfer. The buyer cancel the sale if the amount of installment paid until the due date of the card with the dates of your card every month if they don't conflict with the account Segment 1 (A) will be reflected in the return and the buyer paid prior to the installment sale payments and return after the number of payments that are paid prior to return much more it will take months and will be dropped from the existing debt.



13.1. We can use the right of withdrawal the recipient in the following contracts:


a) varying depending on the price fluctuation in financial markets and contracts for goods or services which are not under the control of the seller


b) the consumer's request or in accordance with your personal needs, prepared contracts for goods


c) contracts for the delivery of the goods are perishable or the expiration date to pass Quickly


C) after the delivery, packing tape, seal, package have been opened for goods such as protective elements; return appropriate health and hygiene in terms of non-delivery contracts.


d) mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be distinguished by the nature of goods contracts.


e) after the delivery of the goods, packing tape, seal, package, such as if you have opened the protective elements, the material presented in the environment, books, digital content and computer consumables relating to contracts.


(f) except as provided under the subscription agreement, contracts for the delivery of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines.


g) a specific date or period needs to be done, accommodation, goods transport, Car Rental, food and beverage procurement and contracts made for the purpose of recreation or entertainment for the evaluation of free time.


G) the services to be performed instantly in electronic environment to intangible goods that are delivered to the recipient with contracts.


h) the right of withdrawal before the end of the period, with the consent of the recipient, to fulfill the contracts for services that were introduced.


Contract of goods/services, which is excluded from the scope of application of the regulation on distance contracts (Seller delivered to the recipient's home, with regular deliveries of foodstuffs, beverages or other daily consumer goods, travel, accommodation, restaurant, entertainment industry in areas such as services) goods/services consisting of the type of case, the legal relationship between the buyer and the seller in due to a failure to enforce the provisions of the regulation on distance contracts shall not be exercised your right of withdrawal.



14.1. This distance sales in the implementation of the Convention, up to the value declared by the Ministry of Commerce of the buyer's goods or services purchased consumer arbitration committees and the consumer courts shall be competent and is the residence where.


14.2. 68 Of The Law On The Protection Of Consumers No. 6502. Article 1. in line with consumer demands, the lower and upper limits specified in paragraph about the district/provincial consumer arbitration committees is authorized.



Although the goods in cash or futures price is included in the order form, the order is sent to end the notification email is sent to the customer with the product and the invoice, the content of which is present in the price. Made by the seller discounts, coupons, shipping costs, and miscellaneous sales applications is reflected in the price.



16.1. Transactions with the buyer's credit card in case you fall defaulted on, the credit card when the cardholder is made by the bank itself will pay interest to the bank within the framework of the agreement and will be responsible. In this case, the legal proceedings with the respective bank may apply to the future costs and Attorney's fee may request from the buyer, and in all circumstances due to debts in the event of falling in the buyer's default, the seller due to delayed performance of the debt the buyer will be responsible for loss or damage suffered by the buyer.


17. The convention of declarations and evidence

17.1. Any correspondence between the parties under this agreement, legislation listed in the e-mail will be made through.


17.2. The buyer, all disputes that may arise from this contract the seller's picture books and commercial records, computer records and electronic information held on its own database servers, binding, final and exclusive would constitute the evidence of this article 193 of the code of Civil Procedure. the contract is in the nature of evidence that is accepted within the meaning of Article.



18.1. 18 (eighteen) composed of matter) this agreement by the parties, according to them, and concluded by electronically approval by the purchaser on the date of the transaction and has entered into force. A copy of the contract is available in the account of the recipient if requested, also via e-mail will be sent.

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